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November 9, 2012
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Elora by z-o-k-i Elora by z-o-k-i
Ooooh my haaaaannnd //dies
not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but oh well. can't get what you want all the time.

Name: Elora

Age: Looks to be 24 but her real age is unknown.

Gender: Female.

Relationship status: Taken by O'Nire~ >//w//< ((:iconask-mocho: ))

Speices: Demon/Unicorn. (( or atleast thats what it looks like to me ;3 ))

Sexuality: Likes guys.

Personality: Elora is sweet, kind, and acts just like a mother to young children. She is very calm, not easily angered, although when she is angry, she's not afraid to make the persons life a living hell. She is also VERY protective of Jamie, wanting to keep him as 'prue' and 'innocent' as possible. Rarely ever letting any older men or boys go near, let alone talk, to him.

Occupation: Story teller for children, and basicly Jamie's 'adoptive' mother.

Powers: Healing.
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Ask-Zira Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol she looks awesome and well designed :la: I love the horn detailing AND DAT HAIR. :icondatassplz: Lol my middle name happens to be Elora XD ))
She's beautiful! <3 That's it, I gotta do it~))

O'Nire: He was walking around the woods when he accidentally bumped into Elora, knocking them both to the ground. "O-owch..." he then realized he had knocked over another person and went to them. "Oh glob, ah'm so sorreh! Are yeh alrigh'?" It was then he noticed how beautiful she was, how delicate she seemed and how wonderful she smelled. It was then that he felt down somewhere in his pumpkin heart...he zinged.

((oh yeah, Hotel Transylvania reference xD))
Oh thank yooou! <33 ))

Elora let out a small yelp in surprise, "O-ouch..." She sat up, looking at the stack of books that she'd dropped on the ground when she fell. "Oh dear me...Yes..I'm alright.." She let out a small sigh, quickly beginning to pick up the books, brushing the dirt and leaves off of them.

(( xD lol! ))
Yus! <3))

O'Nire snapped himself out of his trance and began to pick up the books as well, dusting them off. "Ah'm so sorreh, ah didn' mean t'.." he was then cut off as their hands touched when they both reached for the same book.
<33 ))

Elora's cheeks flushed as she began to move her hand away slowly. "I-I'm sorry..and it's quite alright..accidents happen..~" As she spoke, her voice sounded so soft and calm.
O'Nire's cheeks flushed as he gently took her hand. "It's alrigh'. Mah name is O'nire. Wha' is yehrs, mah dear, I mean mah love, I mean...miss.." He looked away, feeling embarassed thinking, "Real smooth"
Elora let out a quiet giggle, feeling a bit shy. "My name is Elora.."
O'Nire smiled and gently kissed her hand with his soft lips. "Wha' a beautiful name."
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